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For those committed to developing their leadership at UCLA, consider joining the Young Alumni Chancellor’s Circle, a vibrant group for your philanthropic peers within the Chancellor’s Society—UCLA’s only cross-campus leadership annual giving program.

Alumni from the undergraduate classes of 2014-2018 can join the Chancellor’s Circle with a gift of $250. Alumni from the undergraduate classes of 2009-2013 can join the Chancellor’s Circle with a gift of $500.

Those who wish to deepen their connection to UCLA have the opportunity to volunteer as a Young Alumni Giving Ambassador through a myriad of avenues, such as social media, regional networks, or affinity, identity-based groups.

For more information or if you would like help finding your fund, contact Michelle King, Director of Young Alumni & Student Giving at


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Learn More

Q: Why should I give?
A: Alumni giving is an important tradition at all prominent universities as a way for alumni to pay it forward and pave the way for the next generation. Most Bruins don’t realize that tuition and state funds only cover 15% of your UCLA education. UCLA is able to thrive due to private support that helps bridge the actual cost of attending UCLA. Your own UCLA experience was largely supplemented by the generosity alumni, faculty, staff, friends, corporations, and foundations. By supporting UCLA through giving back to your favorite program or department, you are helping ensure future students’ experience as well as the value of your degree.

Q: I still have student debt! How can I give?
A: A gift of any amount will amount to something remarkable. Give back to an area of campus that supported you during your college experience, and ensure it thrives for future students.

Q: Does my participation matter?
A: Yes! Publications like the U.S. News & World Report use alumni philanthropy as a factor to rank UCLA and determine overall student satisfaction. Foundations and corporations also use these rankings as a factor when they evaluating grant funding and prospective gifts. Your gift has an impact beyond the area you are supporting.

Q: How does being a donor affect me?
A: The UCLA Young Alumni Giving program has built up an expansive network of Bruins to provide support to all of our donors. Being a donor makes your UCLA experience as an alumnus a smaller and more intimate experience. Additionally, if you become a member of the Chancellor’s Society with a gift of $250 or $500, you will have the opportunity to connect with other esteemed donors in the Chancellor’s Circle by being invited to exclusive events and networking opportunities as well as a special academic-year-end event hosted by Chancellor Gene Block.

Q: Where does my gift go to?
A: Giving at UCLA is about you and your passions. You have the opportunity to designate your gift to a broad selection of areas, departments, programs and schools across campus. These funds include academic departments, student programs, scholarships, and more.

For more information or if you would like help finding your fund, contact Michelle King, Director of Young Alumni & Student Giving at