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Not all Bruins hold a degree from UCLA.

Generous supporters from all corners of the world recognize the opportunities UCLA generates for others. To support UCLA is to invest in the local Los Angeles community, the nation's economic progress, and the world's societal vibrancy.

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Break: Make an Impact
Make an Impact
Make an Impact
Break: Every Gift Matters
Every Gift Matters
Every Gift Matters

56 gifts of $25

can cover a year’s worth of books and supplies for a UCLA student

30 gifts of $50

can support a faculty member who leads a Fiat Lux seminar

15 gifts of $100

can renew one of the many academic journal subscriptions at the UCLA Library

28 gifts of $500

can fund a scholarship to cover a UCLA student’s tuition and fees for one year

3 gifts of $1,000

can underwrite the cost of a 3D printer accessible to campus through the UCLA Library



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