Why Give?

The world needs UCLA. And UCLA needs you. UCLA is such a young institution in the scheme of things. Yet our accomplishments are unparalleled. Not only do we excel academically and in research, but UCLA truly cares about making an impact through civic engagement.

Giving back to UCLA is vital. As State support has fallen to about seven percent of total expenditures, it is critical for UCLA to receive funding from private sources. Annual giving, in particular, is important because it allows our university to make key decisions about student support, faculty retention and programmatic strategy based on a steady stream of support.

Think about what makes you excited about UCLA—your time spent here learning and meeting your best friends, a great interaction with a brilliant UCLA alumnus or enjoying campus as a local community member. Whatever sparks your joy, give back to sustain that and make it possible for future Bruins to achieve their dreams.

Let there be…a bright future for UCLA’s next 100 years.