Happy New Year Chancellor’s Society! We hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday season! Although it is bittersweet, we want to enjoy the next 6 months with Chancellor Block and celebrate him before he steps down this summer as UCLA’s chancellor. We are happy to continue his legacy and excited to welcome our new chancellor.

We also want to pay tribute and honor, late Charles E. Young, UCLA’s former chancellor of 29 years. Last month on January 18, UCLA celebrated his extraordinary legacy. Please click here to embark on a reflective journey through a tribute video celebrating Young’s noteworthy contributions, a memorial montage, and links that delve into his lasting impact through heartfelt remembrances and tributes.

We have modified our volunteer efforts to increase collaboration with the multitude of causes to which you all contribute. Our goal is to integrate Chancellor’s Society more solidly into today’s donor construct. You will notice more events in which we are a co-sponsor with another campus organization. We also have a full slate of exclusive Chancellor’s Society events scheduled, so please check your emails for invitations. 

For those of you who are new to Chancellor’sSociety, we hope you have heard from a member of our Stewardship Committee. Our intention is to better inform you so that you understand who we are and so you can take better advantage of being a member of the Chancellor’s Society.

We appreciate your donations and the support you provide to UCLA. You are truly exceptional, and we are working to offer you additional access to UCLA in recognition of your donations. We are also looking for new volunteers, if you are interested in volunteering or want to learn more, please send an email to


Patrick Petersilia ’71
Chair, UCLA Chancellor’s Society

UCLA Janss Steps


UCLA Chancellor’s Society wants to warmly welcome in the New Year. We’re happy to get back in action this winter quarter with our Chancellor’s Society community. We begin the new year with exciting news – UCLA recently acquired the former Westside Pavilion mall, with plans to turn it into the state-of-the-art UCLA Research Park. This new acquisition aligns with several of the goals in our university’s new strategic plan. We share some reflections to wrap up 2023 along with updates and UCLA’s new strategic plan’s five focus areas:

UCLA Chancellor Winter 2024 Update

UCLA Strategic Plan 2023-28

UCLA to Transform Empty Mall into Research Park

UCLA 2023 Reflections

To keep up with UCLA in the news, please visit the UCLA Newsroom.

UCLA Chancellor’s Society: Events

UCLA Chancellor’s Society is looking forward to hosting more member-exclusive events this year. We’re eager to connect again at our upcoming events like a private tour of the UCLA Fowler Museum and our Cabinet Celebration. Please see below for a few photos of our members gathered for an exclusive pregame reception in November of last year. We enjoyed food and beverages before going off to cheer on our Men’s Basketball team.

Luskin Conference Center


“This life-altering experience inspired her to create the Caregiver Student Initiative, an endeavor aimed at supporting students who, like herself, juggle academic responsibilities with caregiving duties.”

Ashlie D. ‘24 is a psychology major and professional writing minor at UCLA. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Ashlie moved to the United States as a teenager. As a non-traditional, first-generation student, choosing UCLA was a dream come true for Ashlie. She was drawn to its renowned psychology program and the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals eager to make a difference. However, two years ago, her journey took a challenging turn when her mother was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Ashlie abruptly became her mother’s primary caregiver. This life-altering experience inspired her to create the Caregiver Student Initiative, an endeavor aimed at supporting students who, like herself, juggle academic responsibilities with caregiving duties. She began working at the Bruin Resource Center and with the Student Affairs Information and Research Office (SAIRO), and is conducting pioneering research to understand and address the unique needs of this overlooked student population. Driven by her innate desire to help others thrive, she plans on leveraging her education and professional development at UCLA to pursue doctoral programs in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Her vision is to establish the Bruins Caregiver Student Organization, ensuring that the support for caregiver students continues and evolves, embodying the spirit of community and empathy that defines UCLA.

If you would like to learn more about how you can continue to support our current and future Bruins through Financial Aid & Scholarships, please reach out to our Office of Scholarships & Student Support Initiatives at


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